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Family Medicine

Family Medicine

We offer a variety of Family Medicine services covered by the province. General every day medicine is insured and is free at the point of delivery with a Canadian health care number.

Insured services:

  • General health
  • Prevention and wellness.
  • Walk in when time is available. Please call ahead for available slots.
  • Early pregnancy care.
  • Same day STI testing.
  • PAP testing.
  • Mental health, depression and anxiety.
  • Warts on the foot treated with liquid nitrogen.
  • Annual medicals and blood testing.
  • Also under the same umbrella but subject to third party billing or uninsured services.

  • Sickness certificates.
  • Work, school and travel examinations.
  • Same day driver's licence medicals.
  • Warts not on the foot and skin tags removed with liquid nitrogen.
  • Insurance forms.
  • WCB
  • Work/school and travel examinations.