Vitamin D and immunity

Vitamin D and immunity

Vitamin D is essential for life without it we perish. It is required for thousands of metabolic reactions and acts as a spell checker on our DNA. Just about every modern Western disease is associated with it’s deficiency. Most people are aware that we need it for bone health but it is essential for so much more.

We need it for the functioning of a competent immune system. Without it we are more likely to succumb to viral infections. In one Spanish study of patients admitted to hospital (with our current viral menace) significantly avoided going to the ICU if vit D was given. Although the study has been dismissed for being small it was statically significant.

Ideally we need to make it from the sun. Many other compounds are produced by the sun in the skin than science has yet to document. For instance nitric oxide is produced as a result of exposure to UVA and drops our blood pressure. Being in the sun makes us feel great and gives us a shot of endorphins. Were nature discouraging us from being in the sun I doubt she would give us such a reward.

However, excess sun exposure can be a hazard to our health. There is a sweet spot. I use an app called Dminder which takes into account skin type, UV, latitude and altitude. It then calculates the safe duration of exposure. It’s free and well tested. Give it a go!

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